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The example video-work from hopstudio

The story of my radio

A radio jurnalist and editor Jacek Jaszczyk is telling us a story about the oldest Polish radio program in Ireland. “120 Na Godzinę” (“120 Per Hour”) is broadcast on Dublin City FM every second Sunday at 5pm.

This is his story, this is the story about Polish radio station in Ireland.

Trailer of: The story of my radio

Tuatha De Danann

MMA club based in Portlaoise Co. Laois. Focused on all aspects of mixed martial arts such as boxing, kick boxing and wrestling but with a main base in Brazilian jiu jitsu.

A corporate video made in co-operation with DIGA Productions.

 PK-scene nr.3

One of the scenes from the demo DVD for an actress Pamela Kelley.

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